Fastest submarine of the world

In 1963, Russians started to build fastest submarine in the world. The submarine was named K-162 and later in 1978 it was renamed to K-222. It was the only vessel built based on Project 661 Anchar design. K-162 was launched in 21 December 1968.

Submarine K-162, Papa class

Design of this submarine was very innovative. Engineers were forbidden to use any past technical solutions. This lead to slow development and huge cost and within the Soviet Navy the boat was referred as “Golden Fish”.

It was the first submarine with titanium hull. Actually, both the inner and outer hull were made from titanium alloy. K-162 was 106.9 meters long. It reached speed of 44.7 kn (82.8 km/h). But this high speed came with excessive noise and damage to outer hull.

Submarine was put in reserve in 1984 and it was scrapped in 2010. Based on K-162, Russians designed Alfa and Sierra classes of submarines.


Submarine K-162 - Anchar Submarine K-222 - Anchar Submarine K-162 - Anchar Submarine K-162 - Anchar